Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals

We believe that all people deserve the opportunity to maximize their potential so that their lives can be defined by their capabilities ~ not their disabilities.

The work we do at Caffry Law provides us with a meaningful way to advocate for people whose lives are complicated by special concerns and who are often frustrated by a “system” that is frequently impersonal, imperfect and inflexible. However, Vermont’s “system” is filled with competent and caring professionals, and it is one that is far more robust than the disability service systems in many other states.

At Caffry Law our goal is to simultaneously protect individuals’ access to benefits and services while maximizing their quality of life and independence. We are committed to helping people with disabilities, their families and caregivers make informed choices by guiding them through some of life’s most important decisions.

Special needs planning services include trust drafting, trust administration, guardianship, and more. We assist clients in navigating the complex legal maze of laws, rules and policies that govern benefits and services. In doing so, we advocate for clients in whatever context necessary to help them achieve their goals, including assisting clients to utilize their rights under the Vermont Public Records Act and the Vermont Administrative Procedures Act. Providing comprehensive special needs planning services means much more than simply providing a special needs trust document.

Through comprehensive special needs planning we can help people gain the peace of mind that comes with putting in place the best plan under a given set of circumstances. While it is true that there is no such thing as a “perfect” plan, it is equally true that a failure to do any special needs planning will likely lead to negative… and entirely avoidable… financial and benefit consequences.

We know from personal experience that it can be overwhelming and stressful to manage the challenges of securing a good life for yourself and for your family members (both those with, and those without, special needs). We know how difficult it can be to get through “a-day-in-the-life” with a loved one with significant disabilities. We also understand how daunting it can be to think about a lifetime of care. We are committed to providing clients with guidance and access to information that gives them a new vantage on those challenges. We strive to meet our clients’ lifetime legal needs with compassion and vision, and empower them (and their circles of support) to fully understand options and make decisions that bring long-lasting relief.

Jim and Kaitlyn are available to speak to groups and organizations about special needs planning.

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